Spray Wax

Spray Wax

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Want a high gloss mirror shine with added synthetic protection? Spray Wax is perfect for adding a tough barrier that coats your car’s paint surface with a specific bonding formula technology. Spray Wax adheres to your vehicle’s clear coat and fights off harsh UV rays and untreated water, to prevent harsh water spots just like a traditional wax without all the work! Also use it on your motorcycle or boat for a quick shine that protects! 

INSTRUCTIONS: Shake well before each use, as this is a two-part formula. Spray directly on surface after a wash, works best with damp surface or use with Detail Spray on a dry surface to help lubricate wax. Wipe with plush microfiber towel until dry.

WARNING: Do not ingest. If ingested, do not induce vomiting. Contact physician immediately. (Detail Guys is not responsible for misuse of this product.)